Best XI of FIFA World Cup 2022 After Tournament


As the epic 2022 FIFA World Cup comes to an end we have our best XI of the tournament. From absolute top notch performances in attack, control in midfield and rasiliant in defense these players performed better then others helping their nations to reach later stages of the tournament. As expected Lionel Messi leads the line thanks to his 10 goal contributions in the tournament while Mbappe lost the final but now has 12 world cup goals to his name before he turns 24. 

Rest of the XI is made of players who had a massive impact at the tournament.  Starting with Croatia's goalkeeper Lovakovic who was instrumental for his side's run to third place finish in the tournament.

Saisse (Morocco) and Gvardiol (Croatia) are argubaly the best centre backs of the tournament. Hakimi (Morocco) was the best right back while their was competitions between Acuna (Argentina) and Theo Hernandez (France) for the left back position. We went with Theo Hernandez although he made couple of mistakes in knockout stages. But overall was a decent back to his brother Lucas Hernandez.

Sufian Amrabat (Morocco) was considered by many the best midfielders of the tournament. So rights so he takes place alonside Matteo Kovacic (Croatia) and Antoine Griezmann (France). Griezmann was instrumental for France dropping into midfield providing much needed balance to the side.

Messi and Mbappe were no brainer to be included in the attack while Julian Alvarez makes it the best XI of the tournament.

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