Best Formula 1 circuits and their History


Best Formula 1 circuits and their History



Circuit Francorchamps: 1921

The circuit has undergone several transformations throughout its history most notably in 1979 when the circuit was modified and shortened with a 14,100 km 8,761 miles route made public Road to a permanent 7.004 km (4.352 mi) airstrip due to safety issues at the old airstrip. Despite the name, the circuit is not in Spa, but near the town of Francorchamps within the boundaries of the municipality of Stavelot, with a part within the boundaries of Malmedy.



Monaco Circuit: 1929

The circuit is used for the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Monaco Formula E which is called as ePrix and the Monaco Historic Grand Prix three weekends a year between April and May. Important Formula 1 series over the years - the Formula 3000, the GP2 series and today the Formula 2 Championship and the Porsche Supercup visit the circuit alongside Formula 1. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of three Wins in  the Triple Crown of Motor Sport Events.



Monza circuit: 1922

In addition to Formula 1, the circuit has already hosted the 1000 km of Monza, a sports car endurance race organized as part of the World Sports Car Championship and the Le Mans Series. Monza also hosted unique Race of Two Worlds events that attempted to pit Formula 1 and USAC National Championship cars against each other. The circuit has also hosted previous Moto Grand Prix which is Italian Grand Prix WTCC, TCR International Series, Superbike World Championship, Formula Renault 3.5 Series and Auto GP races.



Nurburgring track: 2002

The track originally had four lanes: 28.265 km the 563-mile total circuit The Whole Road which in turn consisted of the 22.835 km 14.189 mi Nordschleife North Loop and the 7.747 km 4.814 mi Sudschleife. There was also a heating loop which is of fourteen hundred mile 2,281 km around the pits which is called and identified as Zielschleife Finish Loop or Betonschleife Concrete Loop.



AVUS Circuit: 1921

Normal for a road, it has an unusual shape for a circuit, being essentially two long, straight expressways with curves at the ends. The north curve had a sharp decline from 1937 to 1967. While the original track was 19.569 km 12.160 mi long the south turn was moved several times to shorten the track to 8.300 km and then to 8.109 km without curves 4,879 km and finally 2,639 km.



Hockenheimring: 1932

Hockenheimring Baden Wurttemberg is a race track in the Rhine Valley near the town of Hockenheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, along the Bertha Benz Memorial Trail. In addition to other motorsport events, it was the venue for the German Grand Prix, most recently in 2019. The track has only very small differences in altitude and the track has a class 1 FIA licence.



Kyalami Circuit: 1961.

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit which is from the location called as Khaya Lami My Home in Zulu is a 4,529 km 2,814 mi motor racing circuit in Midrand, Gauteng from South Africa from north side of Johannesburg. The circuit has been used for Grand Prix and Formula 1 racing and has hosted the South African Grand Prix twenty times. Notable Formula One races held at the track include the 1977 South African Grand Prix, best remembered for the fatal accident that killed race marshal Frederick Jansen van Vuuren and driver Tom Pryce came. The area surrounding the route has developed into a residential and commercial area of Johannesburg in recent years.



Route de Pescara: 1924

The long route passed through several villages in the hills surrounding Pescara and followed a roughly triangular pattern with curves in the coastal municipality of Pescara. There were two 5.5km straights just slightly shorter than the Mulsanne to Le Mans straight between the seaside town of Montesilvano known as the flying kilometre He was in The Flying Kilometer that Guy Moll was killed in the1934 Coppa Acerbo. 



Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: 1978

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, also spelled Circuit Gilles Villeneuvewhich is the French pronunciation is a 4,361 km (2,710 mi) circuit auto racing circuit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is the venue of the FIA Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix. It has previously hosted the FIA World Sportscar Championship Champ Car World Series, NASCAR Pinty's Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series.



Imola Circuit: 1953

Imola hosted the San Marino Grand Prix from 1981 to 2006. During this period, two Grands Prix were held in Italy each year, of which the Italian Grand Prix was held in Monza hence the Imola race was named after the neighboring state. Imola also hosted the 1980 Italian Grand Prix instead of Monza. When Formula 1 visits Imola and it is considered the home track of Scuderia Ferrari and hordes of fans flock to support the home team.

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